The Six Undefeated Rules Of Top Expert Investors

Rule 1: Make a general trend study before buying a stock
1, Whether the general market is at the beginning of the upward cycle.

2. Which sector is favored by macroeconomic policies and public opinion, which are the representative stocks of the sector, and whether the trading volume is significantly greater than that of other sectors. Identify 5-10 target stocks.

3. Collect all information on the target stocks, including the company's geography, liquidity, operating trends, annual and interim reports, announcements of shareholders' meetings (board of directors), market commentary and other relevant reports. Eliminate stocks with too large a liquidity, stagnant shares or major problems in operation and no hope of restructuring.

Rule 2: The law of the medium-term ground volume
1, choose (10, 20, 30) ma after 6 months of stable upward stocks, during the general market decline are performance resistance, generally only briefly fell below 30 mas.

2, OBV stable upward constantly hit new highs. 3, in the general market bottom when the ground volume appears, to 30 million circulating daily turnover of 100,000 shares as the standard. 4, in the ground volume appeared on the day of the closing 10 minutes before the low batch intervention. 5, short term to 5 6, medium-term to 50% for the shipping point. 7, to 10ma as a stop-loss point.


Rule 3: Short term sky law
1, choose the bottom of the recent release of the volume of stocks, the daily turnover rate greater than 5%-10%, tracking observation.

2, (5, 10, 20) ma appeared multi-headed arrangement.

3, 60 minutes MACD high dead fork after the volume of retraction, 15 minutes OBV stable rise, the stock price in the 20ma above the stable.

4, in the 60 minutes MACD again the second hour of the golden fork in low batches into the field.

5, short term profit of 5% or more of the urgent. Short-term profits of 5% or more with the sharp pull handout.

6, once the general market sudden change immediately bails out to benefit from the battle again.

Rule 4: Strong new shares law
1, select the fundamentals of good, with growth, circulation of 60 million new shares to observe.

2, the first day of listing change hands more than 70%. Or the day the market plummeted, the next day the decline slowed down immediately to close a large positive, recover the first day of the negative 2/3 or more.

3, new high buy or choose the law of the sky to buy intervention.

4, profit 5%-10% out. 5, stop loss set to protect the price.

Rule 5: The volume of the law
1, the volume helps to judge when the trend reversal: High volume long negative is the top of the signs, while the extremely shrinking volume indicates that the pressure has disappeared, often the signal of the bottom. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. For example, (000508 stock bar, quotes, information, main trading) Qing Ming yuan, the day before the suspension of the volume down, the next day was suspended for three years.

Rule 6: Do not buy downward channel of the stock
1, guessing the bottom of a falling channel stock is dangerous, because he may not have a bottom at all.

2, what exists is reasonable, falling stocks must have a reason to fall, do not touch it, although there may be many people think it has been too cheap.