The relationship between oil, dollar and gold

The interest rate of the Federal Reserve is in direct proportion to gold. The more interest rate cuts, the better for gold.


What Is Meant By International Debt

nternational debt, also known as foreign debt, is the entire debt with contractual repayment obligations, including the principal to be repaid and the interest to be paid, that has been allocated to a non-resident by a resident of a country at any given time.

Meaning And Characteristics Of The Money Market

The money market is a market in which financial assets with a maturity of less than one year are traded.

Wealth MGMT


The Impact Of GBTC On The Price Of Btc

The common doubt most people have is why make it so complicated and why not just buy BTC directly? There are two main reasons.

Aurora Chain Launches Scalable Blockchain Network

The Leading Public BlockchainAurora Chain (token: AOA), the leading public blockchain, has released a groundbreaking new feature - scalable blocks that bring more flexibility and utility to public chain areas.

What Is Ariva Coin?

ARV Coin is a cryptocurrency launched by Ariva, a company that aims to focus on global and local travel and tourism networks in the near future.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin?

Many people are attracted by the independence and pseudo anonymity of Bitcoin. But its convenience, speed and cost are not always as attractive as people hope. The main advantage of using Bitcoin to pay is that you don't need a middleman Because of its independence and pseudo anonymity, many people are attracted by Bitcoin. But its convenience, speed and cost may not be as pleasant as people think. In this article, we have outlined the most common advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin.

What Is Currency Reform?

What is cryptocurrency reform? It is the point on the chain, the traditional Internet project points, thrown into the blockchain field, can be traded.

What Is Bitcoin Cash?

On 1 August 2017, the Bitcoin protocol underwent a hard fork that split the network in two and created "Bitcoin Cash".