How Can I Know When The Main Money Is Flowing Into A Stock?

How can I know when the main money is flowing into a stock? Well, it starts with the hot spots. On the volume charts, the stocks that are at the top of the daily rankings are the hot stocks, and they are the ones that are most suspected of being involved by major funds.

In other words, once we find that there is a concentration of funds flowing into these hot stocks, it means that the hot money has entered the field, and the stocks have the prerequisites to start the market.
The main money's entry behavior is not very difficult to observe, it is certainly different from the retailer's money entry behavior. In contrast, the main money prefers to invest in stocks that have room to rise, so it appears from the charts that it is entering at relatively low levels.
With all this said, you must already understand how to find stocks with main money flowing into them. What? You're still worried, you say? The actual fact is that there is no one who can understand this kind of thing at once, in that case, then I will recommend a stock market software that can monitor the main force movement to you.
The name of this software is Tonging magic, for the main point, it has the tracking of the two main stocks monitoring in real time. This is a great way to keep track of the main forces of the market, and to keep track of the direction of the main forces of capital, to predict the main forces of thought, to follow the main forces of action, and to choose the stocks that can gain. How's that for peace of mind?

Not only that, but the most important feature of this software is the inclusion of a video web classroom, which combines real-time stock trading techniques with the ability to watch the market. The software is so rich in features that it has been rated as the most advanced intelligent stock trading software in the new era, with a wide range of indicators and a high accuracy rate, so it is sure to meet your needs.
The main capital inflow in the end how to see, I have helped you paved two roads, is to rely on their own strength, or rely on the help of tools, all at your choice. No, perhaps this is not accurate, because we can actually use the software analysis, while analyzing the judgment of ah.