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Popularization of financial knowledge related to stocks, funds and bonds

What Is Meant By International Debt

nternational debt, also known as foreign debt, is the entire debt with contractual repayment obligations, including the principal to be repaid and the interest to be paid, that has been allocated to a non-resident by a resident of a country at any given time.

How To Invest In Etfs?

Salesforce Blockchain Blockchain is a distributed ledger platform designed for Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Three factors affecting bond prices

What are the factors that affect bond prices? Bonds are the third largest financial investment mode besides stocks and futures. They are a more popular form of financial investment. However, investment has risks and there are many factors that affect the changes in bond prices.

What Does a Bull Market Refer To?

The main characteristic of a bull market is a series of large rallies and small declines in share prices.

What Do Quantitative And Hedging Mean Respectively?

Quantitative funds are always referred to as quantitative hedge funds, so what do quantitative and hedge mean respectively? What is a quantitative fund ?

The Relationship And Differences Between Open-Ended And Closed-End Funds

A fund, broadly speaking, is a fund with a certain amount of money established for a certain purpose.

Six Tips For Open-Ended Funds

Open-ended funds, also known as mutual funds abroad, together with closed-end funds, constitute the two ways of operating a fund.

Introductory Stock Basics (Section 3)

This section talks about the sources of stock profits. There are generally two sources of stock profits. One is the dividend received by shareholders when the company distributes earnings, and the other is the price difference between stock buying and selling.

What Are Money Markets? What Is a Money Market Fund?

The money market is a market in which financial assets with a maturity of less than one year are traded.

What Features Do Money Market Funds Have Compared To Traditional Funds

Money market funds have the following characteristics when compared to traditional funds.