Major global foreign exchange markets and well-known foreign exchange dealers

The foreign exchange market refers to a trading market involving banks and other financial institutions, proprietary dealers and large transnational enterprises, connected through intermediaries or telecommunications systems, and trading in various currencies.

Major global foreign exchange markets

The foreign exchange market refers to a trading market involving banks and other financial institutions, proprietary dealers and large transnational enterprises, connected through intermediaries or telecommunications systems, and trading in various currencies. It can be tangible - such as a foreign exchange exchange - or intangible - such as interbank foreign exchange transactions through telecommunications systems. According to the latest statistics of the Bank for International Settlements, the average daily trading volume of the international foreign exchange market is about 1.5 trillion US dollars.

At present, there are more than 30 major foreign exchange markets all over the world in different countries and regions on all continents. According to the traditional geographical division, it can be divided into three major parts: Asia, Europe and North America, among which London, Frankfurt, Zurich and Paris in Europe, New York and Los Angeles in the Americas, Sydney in Australia, Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong in Asia are the most important.

Each market has its fixed and unique characteristics, but all markets have commonalities. The markets are separated by distance and time, and they are sensitive to each other and independent of each other. After the business of one center ends every day, the order is transferred to another center, sometimes setting the tone for the opening of the next market. These foreign exchange markets take their cities as the center and radiate other countries and regions around them. Due to different time zones, each foreign exchange market opens one customs office and another customs office during business hours. They are linked to each other through advanced communication equipment and computer networks. Market participants can trade around the world. The flow of foreign exchange funds is smooth, and the difference in exchange rates between markets is minimal, forming a unified international foreign exchange market that operates globally and around the clock.

World famous foreign exchange dealer


ikon GROUP

IKON Group: Cairn Financial Services (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., composed of several IKON companies, provides services, technical support and promotes IKON and its financial products worldwide. IKON Group's companies currently include IKON GM in New York, IKON Capital in London and Oak

IFSCL in Lanzhou, IKON Markets in Singapore, IKON FX, Cairn Financial Supporting Services Co., Ltd. in China and ikon group Worldwide PLC in Hong Kong. In 2011, the company will also open companies in Russia, Japan, India and Indonesia. IKON Group's companies cover a series of financial institutions, with regulators all over the world, including (but not limited to) members of the Nasdaq Stock Exchange (NFX) and the National Association of the United States (NFA) in the United States, and are supervised by the Commodity Trading Commission (CFTC) of the United States; In New Zealand, it is a member of the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) and is regulated by the Securities Commission of New Zealand (SEC); Is a member of and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the UK; In Singapore, he is a member of the Singapore National Financial Exchange (SIMEX); Member of the Dubai Gold Exchange (DGCX) in the United Arab Emirates; It is managed by Shenzhen Luohu Special Economic Zone in China.

IKON Group has about 26 platforms, providing products including spot foreign exchange and precious metals, NASDAQ currency (NFX), CFDs, options and non deliverable foreign exchange forwards (NDF). In addition, we cooperated with JPMorgan Bank, Citibank and Morgan Stanley Bank to launch the latest financial products, "customized products for high asset customers". In addition, we also provide clients with institutional brokerage, physical delivery of currency and precious metals, white label cooperation projects, direct processing, trading system construction, market making API systems and technologies. Our unique trading platform has completed billions of transactions every month. In 2010, our annual trading volume reached 520 billion US dollars, 60% of which are banking and institutional customer businesses. We have accepted more than 38000 customers (institutional and retail customers) in more than 90 countries around the world and are managed by regulators in four continents.

IKON GROUP makes a large investment in technology. We provide global clearing and risk control management services to retail and institutional customers. Up to the minute technology can ensure our superiority in front of existing global competitors. We exclusively provide financial products and brokerage services for banks, institutions, retail customers and professional investors.


Lionstone<Rainstone>is a registered and legally recognized British company, which conducts all businesses in compliance with British laws and regulations.


Founded in 1993. DealStationFX trading software


A Swiss company specializing in online foreign exchange trading was established in 2003. MT4 trading software