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Delta And Delta Risk of Options

When the price of the underlying falls, the call option loses value, but by how much? This discussion brings us to today's topic of option delta risk.

The Value of Options - How to Understand the Price of Options

In real life, the closest thing to the concept of an option is insurance.

Bitcoin And Gcoin Technology and Applications

Blockchain is infrastructure, not for the fastidious and highly predatory Bitcoin is an application of the blockchain, while Gcoin is the underlying protocol of the blockchain.

Dash - The Anonymous Cryptocurrency with Special Features

Dash (formerly known as Darkcoin, also known as Digital Cash) is a digital currency that has quietly crept its way into the top 10 largest cryptocurrencies.

What Is a Stock Index and What Does It Do?

A stock index is an index of stock prices. It is an indicative figure compiled by a stock exchange or financial services institution to show the movement of the stock market.

What Are the Risks of The Stock Market

Stock market risk is the risk of not being able to sell a stock for more than the purchase price within a predetermined period of time, incurring a book loss or selling the stock for less than the purchase price, resulting in an actual loss.

How Can i Reduce The Risk Of Investing In Equities?

Stocks are a high-risk investment practice, but their high returns still make many investors swoon.

What Are the Characteristics of Speculative Trading in Futures Indices?

In a broad sense, any risk-taking behavior for profit can be called speculation; in a narrower sense, speculation refers to risky investment behavior that takes advantage of fluctuations in the price of commodities or financial assets in the market.

International Business of Commercial Banking

International trade and non-trade transactions that occur as a result of claims and debts are received and paid in currency and settled under certain forms and conditions, thus giving rise to the international settlement business.

Introduction To the Eos Blockchain Project

EOS is one of the stormy ICO projects in blockchain, the ICO lasted for a year and I heard that 4 billion magnesium was raised through ETH Token.