What are the short-term financial products? How to manage money in the short term?

Short-term finance refers to short-term investment profit, short time period, high return on a form of financial management, financial cycle by "days" subdivision of the common 30 days, 60 days, 14 days, 21 days, 28 days and other different cycles, the following kinds of financial management is more common short-term finance: 

1、Money Fund

Money funds are mainly invested in short-term monetary instruments (generally within one year, with an average term of 120 days), such as treasury bonds, central bank notes, commercial papers, bank certificates of deposit, short-term government bonds, corporate bonds (with high credit rating), interbank deposits and other short-term marketable securities, which are more flexible and can generally be redeemed on T+1 days.



The funds deposited in the balance fund are generally used to purchase some money funds, which are less risky and have more stable returns, and are also more convenient for investors' daily expenses.


3、Trepurchase of treasury bonds

The essence of treasury bond reverse repo is a short-term loan, individuals lend their funds through the treasury bond repo market to obtain fixed interest income, and its varieties can be divided into four kinds of 1-day, 2-day, 3-day, 4-day and 7-day periods, and investors can make reasonable arrangements according to the idle time of their funds.


4、Open bank financial products

Bank open-end financial products, compared with closed-end financial products, its flexibility is higher, more suitable for short-term investment, it should be noted that investors in the purchase of such financial products, should be combined with their risk appetite selection.


Investors purchase short-term financial management, the existence of the following money-making skills.

1, choose the investment preferences match the wealth management

When investors buy short-term financial products, they should choose to match their investment preferences, for example, for prudent investors, they pay more attention to risk and should choose low-risk financial products, and for aggressive investors, they should choose medium to high-risk financial products to pursue excess returns.


2、Choose financial products with high liquidity

When investors buy short-term financial products, they should choose financial products with higher flexibility. At the same time, when choosing financial products, they should combine the idle time of their funds and choose the right financial product cycle, in case they are in a hurry to use the money and cannot take it out, or take it out early to lose a certain amount of interest income.


3, diversification of investment

In the purchase of short-term financial, investors can choose to diversify their investment to spread its riskiness, the number should not be too much, it is best to invest only three or four, too much will increase the burden of investors to look over.

At the same time, the type of each financial product should not be the same, or have a strong correlation of financial products, not to play the role of diversification of risk.


4, always pay attention to the expected rate of return of financial products

If it is the expected rate of return is relatively high, then it indicates that in the ideal case of financial products, which has a certain market risk, the expected return may not eventually be realized. When choosing such products, investors can refer to the product's performance in previous years, or pay attention to the analysis of market trends.

5, compare the interest rates and fees of different platforms

When buying short-term financial products, investors should look at several platforms, compare their expected interest rates and fees, and try to choose the platform with higher interest rates and lower fees to buy.

Warm tips, through the above on short-term financial what is the content of the introduction, I believe that you will have a new understanding of what short-term financial what, more hope can be helpful to you.