How did the stock market master become?

This is how the master is refined

Cultivate good habits

Habit becomes nature

Become a master naturally

Potential novice characteristics:

  1. Be insipid
  2. Don't talk hard
  3. Don't complain
  4. Don't do soft things
  5. Humor, more self mocking humor
  6. Pursue more profitable technology than making money

Novice standing at the foot of the mountain should have:

  1. Clear life direction
  2. Focus on self construction
  3. Hard work in the War of Resistance

Ways for novices to improve their own quality:

  1. The best way to improve your life quality is to help others
  2. The best way to improve professional quality is to summarize in words
  3. The best way to improve your basic quality is to set goals

Novice in resource society need:

  1. Use the same amount of time to do quality learning
  2. Spend the same time making quality friends
  3. Doing the same type of things that have great social significance
  4. If you pick up money on the roadside, you can give it to the garbage collector instead of the beggar. Of course, you can also put it in your own pocket

Novice who starts speculating without investment experience should understand:

  1. Good listed companies are different from good stocks
  2. Stocks are not good or bad, but good or bad timing and methods

The speculative experience enrichment in the investment experience enrichment is:

  1. Arbitrage from blind move to no move
  2. Follow the trend
  3. Subject matter priority

If a novice wants to become a master, he needs to become a jack of all trades. To become a jack of all trades, he needs to:

  1. Walking more, reading thousands of books is not as good as walking thousands of miles, it is better to travel thousands of miles of frustration
  2. Listen more, listen to songs, listen to plays, listen to sweet words and slander
  3. Read more, read books, watch movies, watch nature
  4. Think more, think about everything, reflect on all causes and effects

Novice needs to learn 'draw inferences from one instance' from training

  1. Develop strengths and avoid shortness without forgetting to reveal weaknesses and cover strengths
  2. Boys to men need to be destroyed repeatedly, unlike girls to women only once
  3. Look for opportunities in danger and sober up in joy

Novice should be prepared to become an expert:

  1. Soldiers who don't want to be generals are not good soldiers
  2. Those who do not want to become experts and make money are not normal shareholders
  3. The speculator who has never died once is not a real expert


Characteristics of stock market waste:

  1. Open your mouth Shut up Sure, sure
  2. Random decision-making without thinking
  3. It's guaranteed that you can beat your chest
  4. Purchased by investment above 5000
  5. Tearing off the position and saying goodbye to the stock market at 2000