Six Ways to Master Selling Stocks

Recently the market suddenly fell sharply, many of the profits of shareholders in a few days was beaten back to the original place, and some even on the set. So, at the moment to talk about the skills of shipping to avoid being set in the down market is very necessary. The following six tips for your reference when shipping.

First, come prepared. No matter what time of day, before buying stocks should be calculated to buy the reason, and calculated to ship the target. Never blindly go in and buy, then blindly wait for the rise, and then blindly get trapped.

Second, set up a stop-loss point. Anyone who has made a huge loss has done so because they did not set up a stop-loss point when they entered the market. And when a stop-loss point is set up it must be enforced. Especially if you have bought in just today and are trapped, you should sell if you find out you are wrong. In the chopping position, may not be able to bear to sell all at once, then only "Fast knife slow cut".

Third, not afraid to fall afraid of the volume. Some stocks fall for no reason is not terrible, terrible is the volume of amplification. Sometimes it is the dealer holding more shares of varieties should never have huge volume, if appear, nine out of ten is the main force shipments. Therefore, the sudden release of volume in any case should be extremely cautious.

Fourth, reject the medium negative line. Whether it is the general market or individual stocks, if it is found to have fallen below the popularly recognized strong support and has a tendency to close mid-negative on the same day, one must be alert! In either case, see the negative line should consider shipping.

Fifth, only recognize a technical indicator, found bad immediately slip. Give you 100 technical indicators simply useless, sometimes a thorough study of an indicator, but also completely a stock trend in mind, found the market broke the key support, immediately go.

Sixth, don't fundamentally bad individual stocks. Buy or have not bought the stock should look at its fundamentals, there is no cause for concern, especially now, the annual report is nearing the end, several important indicators must be noted, beware of a sudden change in fundamentals. In the event that the fundamentals are confirmed to be bad, be cautious, and if it is really "Hopeless" Be sure to break it off in time to avoid being permanently trapped.