The best time to buy stocks

1, The stock price has fallen for more than 3 days in a row, the decline has been gradually reduced, and the transaction also shrunk to the end, if suddenly become large and price rise, said there are large investors into the market to eat goods, it is appropriate to buy quickly.
2, The share price from the downward trend into the upward trend at the beginning, the volume gradually enlarged, the formation of the price up the volume increase, table after the market is bullish, it is appropriate to buy.

3, The p/e ratio fell to 20 below (at an annual interest rate of 5%), the stock investment rate of return and the same rate of return deposited in the bank, can buy.
4, Shares to stop opening, stop closing, said the main pull pick up extremely strong, the market will be a big reversal, should quickly buy.
5, 6 days RSI in 20 below, and 6 days RSI is greater than 12 days RSI, k-line chart appears cross star indicates that the reversal of the market has been determined, can quickly buy.
6, 6 days deviation has fallen to -3 ~ -5 and 30 days deviation has fallen to -10 ~ -15, representing the short term deviation has been in, can buy.
7, After the moving average line down, the first flattening trend after the beginning of the rise, at this time the stock price climbed upward, breakthrough moving average line is the time to buy.
8, Short-term moving average (3 days) upward movement, long-term moving average (6 days) downward rotation, the two form a golden cross for buying time.
9, The stock price at the bottom of the consolidation period, two consecutive days of large red or 3 days of small red or cross line or shadow line represents the stop rising.

10, The stock price in the low k chart appears up n-shaped stock price trend and w-shaped stock price trend is the time to buy.
11, The stock price from the high level of a significant decline in general three waves down, stopping the rise is the time to buy.
12, The stock price in the box consolidation for a period of time, there is a sudden positive to rise, break through the plate is a buy point.