What Is Ariva Coin?

ARV Coin is a cryptocurrency launched by Ariva, a company that aims to focus on global and local travel and tourism networks in the near future. Riva is a global B2C travel and tourism network where members can meet with global and local travel service providers based on the experiences and shares of previous travelers, book using cryptocurrency, and earn cryptocurrency for booking and sharing valuable content. Cryptocurrency.

What is Ariva?
Ariva is an ecosystem of travel and tourism payment and reward systems. The project aims to create a travel and tourism network where members can meet global travel service providers, share experiences, book using cryptocurrency and earn cryptocurrency for bookings and content sharing.

Its ecosystem includes Ariva.World, Ariva.Finance, Ariva Wonderland and Ariva.Club. The Ariva.World portal aims to provide a crypto-based B2C travel and tourism platform that allows users to make global bookings by easily and securely paying in cryptocurrency.
Ariva.Finance is a new generation of blockchain-based payment gateway. According to its white paper, people can make transactions or exchange coins through the platform.

Ariva Wonderland is its travel virtual world, offering "next-generation, unlimited travel experiences and a virtual second life". It supports virtual travel to different destinations, experiencing cultures, socializing, creating travel hubs and earning money.

On the other hand, Ariva.Club is a social media platform for users to share their travel experiences, such as restaurants, hotels, museums, etc., and earn cryptocurrency rewards.

ARV tokens
ARV is a token for the Ariva platform that will be used as a transaction and payment method for any type of transfer so that users around the world can pay with the currency.

The ARV token is a token created under the BEP20 protocol using the Coinan Smartchain network. With this, Ariva will change the future of tourism by integrating cryptocurrencies through the ARV token.

The ARV token can be easily traded on the Pancake swap platform or exchanged for a variety of different cryptocurrencies to obtain it.