10 Blockchain Ideas That Could Change The World

Since its launch some ten years ago, blockchain technology has proven to be a great invention. Since then, it has driven several inventions that have had a lasting impact on humanity. Some notable examples are the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart contracts.

However, some blockchain projects will address some other areas of human endeavor that have yet to feel the impact of this amazing technology. Here, Coin telegraph takes a look at 10 very interesting blockchain projects that the world should look forward to.

Andrew Adcock, CEO of Crowd for Angels, shared this with Coin telegraph when asked if there are areas where blockchain has not yet been utilized or where the possibilities of blockchain have been completely exhausted.

"The possibilities of blockchain are just beginning to be explored, with many solutions focused on various parts of the supply chain, and the next decade will be exciting for developers. I believe we have yet to see the huge advances in 'inventory' management which could be revolutionized through blockchain. "

Here is an overview of some of the projects that could capture your imagination.
1, Zero Carbon Project
Climate change has been in the news for years. There are huge concerns about the possible side effects of uncontrolled climate change. Thanks to the Zero Carbon Project, the world can breathe a sigh of relief. The project wants to harness the power of the blockchain to solve this problem. Through its Zero Carbon Marketplace, consumers can access energy from nuclear, renewable and fossil fuels. The carbon emissions from these sources of energy are compensated by international carbon credits.

With its blockchain, the Zero Carbon project has created the Zero Carbon token. This is available to supporters of the Zero Carbon platform as a reward for their contribution to the fight against global climate change. It is believed that such rewards will incentivize energy consumers to focus on using clean energy, thereby reducing global energy emissions. The project's founder, Derek Meyers, supported these views in an article reported in the company's press.

"Zero Carbon tokens have practical value because energy suppliers must procure them in order to pay the transaction fees required to participate in the zero-carbon market. In the UK, there are currently 32 energy suppliers competing for business across the market. They are also competing to purchase Zero Carbon tokens to pay for their transactions. As demand for Zero Carbon tokens increases in our community. "

2, Canadarm
Canadarm is a platform that is changing the face of filmmaking in the world. Its project is an "international blockchain network for independent filmmakers". The main goal of the platform is to use blockchain technology to finance, produce and distribute film projects.

The project has two application areas.
1) Crypto industry: the platform supports investments, cryptocurrencies, insurance, mining and multi-currency wallets.

2) The film industry: the platform is ideal for film markets, studios, distribution, online films, film agencies and social networks.

"Our main goal is to create a new developed and independent system of the world cinema industry, where every film pays off and every second brings profit to creators and investors!"

The platform allows cinematographers to obtain funding for any film project. Thus, they can start production without having to worry about financing. They can also send their films through the platform for distribution. This process will provide their films with the exposure they need, which may ultimately lead to better sales. The platform also provides distribution companies and cinemas with the opportunity to increase their distribution fees. They can also take their films to international markets, which can also increase distribution and profits.
Investors in the film industry can create portfolios of their different projects. This comes with a reduction in risk and the best return on investment. Advertisers also have the opportunity to target audiences based on social, geographical, economic, religious or intellectual factors. They can also create a community of loyal viewers and take their advertising to new markets.

3, Universe
Universe is another blockchain project that could have a profound impact on humanity in the future. The developer is focusing on electric car rentals, ATMs and innovative and small house prototypes. According to the company.

"We are inspired by amazing ideas about technological developments or solutions to key problems related to energy or scientific solutions that are relevant to improving human life."

Universe has a three-part vision. Between 2019 and 2020, the company will focus on electric vehicles and ATM initiatives. The prototype machine room will be next on the agenda between 2020 and 2022, while the company will start investing in vision projects from 2021.

Electric car rental aims to provide a platform for car enthusiasts who can rent electric cars through Universe. It also hopes to simplify buy and sell transactions through the technology. A minimum fee of 1 per cent will be charged for each transaction. The developers want to address the lack of resources and poor implementation processes that deprive people of access to the best content or utilize useful ideas, and potentially make people's lives easier.

4, Unhive
Unhive refers to taking social networking to the next level. Our goal is to create positive and noble ideas with the potential to spark social movements. This blockchain project allows users to connect with their friends and family. It also provides them with a platform on which they can find their interests and explore them to the fullest. For example, the grey world feature allows anyone to try out new identities to increase privacy and interact in what the platform calls "deep web chat rooms".

All this effort is rewarded when it comes to normal, everyday social activities on the platform. Each week, the platform shares a significant portion of its advertising revenue with its users through the Unhive token, which has the opportunity to earn a number of tokens for future use.

The Unhive utility token is based on Ethereum technology and is an ERC-20 token. The token can be purchased through Bitcoin transactions, the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, Ether or PayPal transactions. It can also be purchased in fiat currencies such as Euros, Dollars or Pounds.

5, Bit Job
Bit Job is another useful blockchain project that could change the future of employment, especially for students. The developers hope to achieve this through the power of the blockchain. The team said.

"By using blockchain, we are connecting 500 million students to global industry leaders, creating new revenue streams, new employment opportunities and new business opportunities." 

By bridging the gap between potential employers and students, capable students are more likely to get their dream job without having to go through the rigors of the labor market. Bit Job is built on the Ethereum network. Blockchain allows developers to have an application that can help solve a number of employment-related problems, such as identity verification. It combines the benefits of freelance websites and micro gigs with the Ethernet blockchain. To its credit, it is the first hybrid blockchain project to provide peer-to-peer connectivity for students and employers.

Designed for students looking for employment opportunities, Bit Job uses the power of the blockchain to help users find a salary that corresponds to their level of service or skill. The structure also supports rewards, incentives and affiliations.

In this case, students can use the platform to find a job that will give them a steady source of income in their free time. As a result, they can gradually create an impressive portfolio and gain the experience they need when they eventually enter the labor market.

6, GO eureka
Wherever you are in the world, if you need accommodation, blockchain technology can help you get the best hotels for your specific needs. go eureka claims to have around 400,000 hotels in different parts of the world.

The site acts as a traditional hotel aggregator where you can provide location, check-in and check-out dates and headcount. However, unlike other hotel booking sites, GO eureka intends to enhance your stay by using blockchain to increase transparency and reduce costs. By doing so, GO eureka will help to solve the problem of hidden extra fees in the hotel booking industry. In an interview, GO eureka CEO Maraj Rai said.

"What we have created is primarily an online travel booking platform that leverages the power of blockchain technology.

7, Cognize

Cognize uses blockchain technology for pet lovers. The blockchain project uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to create a deep connection between animals and humans. The combination of blockchain technology and the image recognition capabilities of AI makes it easier for humans to identify pets and establish links. As a result, pets can be tracked online using this technology.

Cognize is developing an application that enables users to arrange animal photos in an attractive way. What's more, users can share interactive animal schedules with their families. As keepers, people can collate information about the animals and store photos and other data in the blockchain. This data, which will include location and timestamps, is securely protected by encryption technology. This forms a digital certificate that is a perfect alternative to paper documents. When Coin telegraph spoke to Vincenzo Vento, CEO and founder of Cognize, about the inspiration for the project, he said.

"The pet market is so big and intermittent, even for criminal organizations. Around 80 per cent of online advertising raises suspicion, promoting illegally imported animals, and many pets are often sick and abused. Professional breeders compete with the black market because shady breeders do not inoculate animals and do not provide healthy, fully inspected and certified animals. "

The technology also provides pet lovers with the opportunity to find lost pets. Once a photograph of the animal is provided, the system will search for the lost pet through a database. The developers believe that investigating pet theft will be easier when the technology is globally recognized.

Ownership transfer is also made easier with Cognize. Pet breeders can use the blockchain to prove they are the owner of their pets. Once the sale is complete, they can provide a timeline ID as proof of ownership and transfer it to the buyer. This will act as a certificate of ownership.

8, Odem
The focus of this Odem project is on education and skills acquisition. It aims to curb the rising unemployment rate in the world. Potential employees can learn valuable skills that will help increase employment opportunities. As a result, users can access more affordable, verifiable and accessible education and employment opportunities.

Cybersecurity, autonomous transport and blockchain technology are some of the skills that are in high demand. Once training is complete, credentials can be shared with potential employers. the Odem platform offers a decentralized file storage system that allows access to the Ethereum blockchain to protect academic records. The technology makes it easy for prospective employers to easily and effortlessly verify qualifications. in a blog post, Richard Moghul, CEO of Odem, wrote: "At ODEM, we are committed to using blockchain technology to make education cheaper, accessible, transferable and verifiable."

Odem has a skills wizard feature that can be used to create career profiles for potential employers. The platform also works hand-in-hand with employers interested in hiring new technical and highly skilled talent.

9, Vibe Hub
Vibe Hub is "the world's first VR/AR marketplace and blockchain hub." The project enhances the power of augmented reality and virtual reality, providing users with a unique experience through simulated images. You can attend movies, play games with friends or do almost anything you want. You can also enjoy the performances of public figures, artists and others. They are presented in a way that looks so real that you feel like you are sitting there while these people are performing.

Vibe Hub uses 3D avatars equipped with other technologies, such as video and voice chat, to provide you with a unique experience when viewing recorded images. You can view VR / AR images on multiple devices. vibe Hub supports Daydream (a Google product), HTC Vivi, Samsung Gear and Oculus Rift. even if you don't have a VR / AR enabled headset, the platform supports WebGL / Webber on existing browsers on mobile and desktop devices. vibe credits allow users on the platform to participate in social games and other activities.

Diana is a lunar registration platform that is open to all. Yes, the moon, orbiting the Earth. The initiative aims to introduce equality when it comes to satellite ownership. The project's white paper cites the UN's "Outer Space Treaty" which states.

"Outer space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies, is not subject to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty, by use or occupation, or by any other means."

While this is true, when it comes to space exploration, developed countries are already considering using the moon as a base for mining and space travel. This is to the detriment of developing countries, which do not have the resources to compete for ownership of the moon. Project Diana aims to address this by laying the groundwork for equal ownership of the moon by registering participants on the blockchain. 

Participation in the lunar registration project helps to achieve three key values. These are the technical, social and economic value of the Moon. Under the project, investing in Diana will help prevent private ownership of the Moon. The platform aims to subdivide the lunar surface into 3.8 billion pieces.

The lunar registry will operate on two ERC-20 standard tokens. These are DIA and MOND. the DIA token will serve as proof of plot registration on the lunar surface. On the other hand, the MOND token will serve as a medium of exchange and will be backed by a 1:1 ratio of US dollars. 

Aspiring projects
In theory, these future blockchain projects have the potential to change the world. However, the success or failure of the projects depends on the steps they take in the long term.

For example, there are already several similar blockchain-based projects targeting pets. Adcock also comments on this issue: "In all saturated markets, you will see failures and you will see mergers and acquisitions. That should mean the market develops and grows." Adcock went on to offer some advice to those looking to do a blockchain-based startup.

"A lot of people lack experience of traditional business practices or 'grey hair'. While they can get funding, it's important that they stay operationally lean, showcase the market and develop products that the market needs ...... Blockchain is very much a community in terms of driving technology and you have to meet and interact with peers and similar professionals in the ecosystem. You can't stay at home and code behind a screen."