What Are Fan Coins? What Are the Most Popular Fan Coins?

With the new World Cup just around the corner, there are immeasurable business opportunities behind the event, and Fan Tokens have become the talk of the crypto world recently. Is it worth investing in?

What is Fan Tokens?
Fan Tokens, also known as fan coins, is a blockchain-based virtual currency. As industries and brands explore the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, some clubs have started to launch fan coins for their loyal fans to purchase. Holders of the tokens can be the first to buy new products, participate in events, talk to players on video, exchange for exclusive souvenirs, and some can even participate in non-essential decisions of the team, such as voting on the shirt design, the team bus and the decoration of the home player tunnel.

Popular fan coins
Chiliz Fan Coin Block Index
Chiliz is a token launched by Socios.com, an exchange specializing in fan coin issuance, where fans can purchase CHZ before exchanging it for their respective club's fan tokens. Chiliz currently works with Manchester City, Barcelona, AC Milan and the Portuguese national team to issue tokens for them. As a blockchain platform that issues a large number of fan coins, Chiliz's main revenue is based on issuing tokens and is believed to make a lot of profit during the World Cup.
Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token ($PSG) Ballon d'Or artificially relies on the channel
The token is issued by the French club Paris Saint-Germain, whose team has over 2.6 million Twitter followers, and offers holders the chance to win free tickets to French Ligue 1 and Coupe de France matches, meet the team and players, get official signed merchandise, etc. It can be purchased on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges. When the Ballon d'Or winner Messi signed up, he said that part of his salary would be paid in PSG tokens and that the value of the coin would actually affect how much he would earn.

FC Barcelona Fan Token ($BAR) Hot for famous teams
$BAR is the utility token of FC Barcelona, which is used for governance, rewards and pledges. BARs can also be earned through participation in community events, or purchased directly from cryptocurrency exchanges.

SS Lazio Fan Token (LAZIO) BSC Chain Fan Coin
As one of Italy's most successful clubs, LAZIO token holders enjoy a number of fan engagement benefits, including a rare NFT collection, rewards for participating in team events, voting rights, games and unique brand experiences. In addition, LAZIO is issued on the BNBChain chain and is backed by Binance, the world's largest exchange, which has a large user base and will help drive up the price of the coin, but LAZIO is not the most well-known of other clubs and the potential for appreciation is yet to be seen.

Is Fancoin worth investing in?
Fan coins are mainly used for interaction between teams and fans, and have nothing to do with the operating income of the teams. However, it is important to note that fan coins are not universally popular. When the UEFA announced the launch of fan coins earlier, it was opposed by several fan groups, and with the concentration of chips in fan coins, investors need to be aware of the risk of a crash at any time as the price of the coin continues to rise. Investing in World Cup concept coins carries a high level of risk, so remember to be aware of your own risk tolerance range and do your homework.