With Five Key Qualities Retail Investors Commonly Used To Manipulate The Collection Of Principles

First, in the actual stock market, investors should have five key qualities: The first is a spirit of adventure (in the encounter of their own favorable timing dare to take a heavy position); the second is rational thinking (not affected by the market atmosphere, the ability to operate according to the actual); the third is logical reasoning (to be able to analyze and study the substance of stock price fluctuations based on a number of appearances); the fourth is instinctive response (see a lot of knowledge, the ability to quickly calculate); the fifth is an optimistic work and life state (have enough patience and confidence in rational investment). The fifth is to have an optimistic work and life state (have enough patience and confidence in rational investment).

Second, the nature of the market to judge and define the time span of the broader market: short term market speculation news, medium-term market speculation topics, long term market speculation performance.
The nature of the market to judge and define the nature of the individual stock market: short term arbitrage fried volume, medium term arbitrage fried send with, long term arbitrage fried growth. Large amount of speculation leading, large amount of constant speculation banker stocks, large amount of trace speculation secondary new.

Third, the principle of revenue opportunities to judge. Five common opportunities in the shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets are: First for the homeopathic medium-term opportunities; second for the oversold short term opportunities; third for the free fluctuation of technical opportunities; fourth for the sub-prime shares of equity expansion opportunities; fifth for the banker shares to follow the opportunity.
In mastering the opportunity, to follow the obvious opportunities first, low-risk opportunities first, multiple opportunities first, hidden opportunities first, low-cost opportunities first, short term opportunities first six priority order principle.

Fourth, technical analysis judgment theorem. Technical analysis is not a certain indicator and principle of analysis, but a comprehensive analysis of many factors. In the stock price is at a high and low level to have the reverse thinking, technical analysis is a higher level of stock market investment, but to achieve this level, the need for psychological analysis of opponents, policy analysis and fundamentals to have sufficient knowledge.
We should be clear that short term market volatility is almost impossible to predict, medium term market volatility is easy to predict, try to take the long and avoid the short.

Fifth, the principle of judging the timeliness of information. In addition to the need to pay attention to the immediacy of information, but also pay attention to the linkage of information, lagging and hidden substantial, in the main position is light, see good lagging, see the short will fall; in the share price in the main cost below, follow the buy will lead to a rise in share prices; in the share price in the main cost above, follow the disk will lead to a fall in share prices.

Sixth, the normal stock market principles of practical operation. The shortcut to poverty in the stock market is unfounded emotional frequent short-term operations, this operation can be said to be the way most people cannot get rid of. Another wrong approach is to always take a full position and not to go short, which makes it difficult to get satisfactory returns.
In the shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets, the correct way to operate is to go with the trend swing heavy position of 3 to 6 stocks (according to the amount of capital), hold 1 to 2 potential stocks when consolidation, and dare to short position when weak.

Seven, buy and sell position operating principles. The main principles of buying and selling are: 1, collect all the useful facts; 2, compare and choose efficient facts; 3, use the information for the actual battle; 4, must not have illusions; 5, obtain more than 30% of the profits after comparing opportunities; 6, change species and short position waiting; 7, an operation cycle should be one to two months, a year can do successfully 5 long position stock ticket is very successful; 8, use part of the chips buy low, sell high, spread the cost; 9, buy shares slowly, sell shares quickly, hold shares steadily; 10, first set the strategy, then set the tactics, if the operating strategy is wrong, tactics right also useless; 11, after each operation to sum up the lessons learned.

Eight, to avoid common mistakes. 1, do not chase high after a big rise to buy, do not kill the low after a big fall; 2, do not buy after a positive announcement, do not sell after a negative announcement, do not buy stocks with obvious defects; 3, the choice of species is important, choose the timing is more important, buy by confidence, hold shares by patience, sell shares by determination; 4, small capital of the mass behavior is always wrong.