Is the fixed investment of the fund a buy on dips? What is the difference between fixed investment and direct purchase?

Is the fixed investment of the fund a bargain hunting?

Fund fixed investment is not bargain hunting. Fund fixed investment is a kind of regular and quota investment. For example, if an investor wants to buy a fund, he can set the date of each month, when to buy, and how much to buy. After these settings are completed, he will automatically deduct money according to the time and date set by himself, not bargain hunting.

Buying on the dips means buying when the fund falls. In fact, buying on the dips is also good, but the premise is to be optimistic about the future of the fund. If a fund itself has problems, and it always falls more and rises less, then buying on the dips may also cause serious losses, so whether it can buy on the dips depends on the situation.

What is the difference between fixed investment and purchase

  1. Different net values at the time of purchase:

The one-time purchase at the trading time is calculated based on the net value of the day, and the net value will not change in the future, nor will the shares obtained after conversion; The net value of each deduction date of fixed investment is different, so the shares obtained are different.

  1. The cost of buying is different:

The handling fees for one-time purchase and fixed investment purchase cannot be compared separately, but should be compared according to the holding time and amount. Assumption: the accumulative amount of 10 fixed investments is 1000 yuan and the one-time purchase is 1000 yuan. The subscription fee may be the same after calculation, but the time for the last few fixed investments is less, so the management fee and trusteeship fee charged are less.

  1. Different risks after buying:

The risk of fixed investment is smaller than that of one-time purchase. Even if the fund is bought at a high level, when the net value of the fund drops, the number of shares purchased will increase. If the one-time purchase fund is bought at a high level, it cannot be averaged.

  1. Different returns after buying:

If you buy more and more shares in batches in a falling market, you will only lose more and more in a one-time purchase; However, in the rising market, buying in batches will only miss the benefits, and the cost is getting higher and higher. One time buying can enjoy the rich profits brought by the rise.