Stock Market Manipulation Must Know The Secret

Intraday chart research to determine the best selling point
1, Open low to go down below the previous wave of lows, sell (down price kill) vulnerable shares. When there is a substantial short, open low, rebound can’t cross the opening price, and then reversed down to break the first wave of lows, the technology refers to the weak, should hurry to kill the market price, if not in time, but also in the second wave of rebound again can’t cross the high point, and reversed down when the opportunity to sell single.
2, Open high and low, the rebound can't cross the high value of the day, fell below the low value of the previous wave, then sell.
3, Head formation, down below the neckline support should be made to sell, if not sold at this moment, should also take advantage of the broken form, the effect of pulling back, rebound upward and then reversed downward, hurry to sell. My head shape is the right peak is lower than the left peak is pulling up the shipping shape, sometimes the right peak may also be formed than the left peak for the high induced shape and then reversed down more terrible, as for other head shape such as head and shoulders, triple top, round top are also the same, as long as the fall below the neckline support have to hurry up to end holdings, so as not to expand losses.

4, Box-shaped trend to the time to kill out.
Whether artificial open high go flat, open flat go flat or even open low go flat, present box-shaped high and low oscillation, in the box top throw, in the box low buy. But once the lower edge of the box support price lost, should not hesitate to polish hold shares, if at the moment can’t get down, in the plate of the box after the break, may produce pull back effect, and at the moment the rebound is still not over the original box lower edge, on behalf of the weak, again reversed down into a point of escape.