Can current financial management and short-term financial management lose money, what risk is there

Current finance generally refers to the financial liquidity is bigger, is generally not close period, in finance, some finance belongs to a current, can be taken at any time, at any time, and some money there is a time limit, such as a month of money, on a regular basis is a close period, need a month to take out, this belongs to the short-term financing,

So can you lose money with this kind of management? What are the risks?

Can you lose money in current management?

Now on the market in addition to the regular finance, finance and other exist the possibility of losing money, current financial management is the same, there is the possibility of a loss of money, so investors in the current financial management, the first is to look at the risks, in general, are all belong to low risk or low risk, income not particularly high, but the long-term basic will not loss of the principal.

However, because there are also a lot of current finance, investors can refer to the following past returns when choosing current finance. When choosing current finance, it is better to choose live money finance with good past returns. Although past returns do not represent the future, there will still be a certain reference.

Is there any risk in current financial management?

There are risks in current financial management, but the risks are generally not large. Investors can see what the scope of investment is in the current financial management they choose. If it is investment in monetary financial management, the general risk is relatively small.

Financial management is risky, investors need to pay attention to its risk when buying. Secondly, current financial management is generally more flexible than regular financial management. When money is needed, there is no need to wait for a long time, and the account is basically faster.

If you are really afraid of losses, you can choose some income is not very high, the risk is very low, but basically all positive income living money management or money funds and pure debt funds, I hope the above content can help you!

Is it risky to manage your money for a short period of time?

Financial management is risky, so is short-term one-month financial management, which is risky, but it depends on the details of financial management. Financial management can generally be divided into low risk, medium risk and high risk. Generally, financial management details will indicate what the risk is and what the investment scope is.

Investors can judge the size of financial risk by looking at these. If they are conservative investors, they are generally recommended to buy low-risk short-term one-month financial management, because the risk is relatively low, the possibility of loss is relatively small, and the probability of making money is relatively large.

Can short - term one - month financial management lose principal?

It depends on the standard of financial investment. If the market is good, financial products rise, then money will be made; if the market is not so good, financial products fall, then there will be the possibility of loss of principal.

Investors must consider their own ability to bear risks when purchasing financial products. If they cannot bear financial products with high risks, they can choose financial products with low risks.

It is worth noting that short-term one-month financial management has a closed period and can not be taken out without maturity. Therefore, it would be better for investors to use the money they do not need to use for more than one month when purchasing.