Buy financial products need to consider what factors

When buying financial products, the first thing is to choose the platform, and then the specific financial products, the platform is good to choose, many people are in the bank to buy, mainly to choose the specific financial products, after all, there are countless financial products on the market, to earn money, you need to choose a good financial products, mainly to see the examination of some important indicators.

What factors need to be considered to buy financial products? It is recommended that a comprehensive reference to the following factors.


The risk level of the product: net worth products are basically non-principal-protected products, the risk level is mostly 2 and 3, of which the risk of 2 is relatively low, 3 is a medium risk, the risk factor is slightly higher than 2, but relatively controllable.


liquidity: net worth products are closed and open, if the liquidity requirements are relatively high, choose open, if the liquidity of funds is not very high, you can choose closed financial products, in the closed period can not be redeemed.


yield: look at its historical rate of return, the higher the historical rate of return the better, while small and medium-sized banks have a higher rate of return than large banks, the higher the risk level the higher the yield of the product.


purchase threshold: the threshold for ordinary expected yield products is mostly $50,000, although the threshold for net worth products currently on sale is slightly higher, with many requiring $100,000, $500,000, $1 million or more.


Product issuer: To choose a net worth product issued by a financial institution with better investment management capabilities, you can also refer to the past performance of the product, the performance of other net worth products managed by the institution, and other comprehensive evaluations.


Historical net value fluctuation: whether the product's historical net value fluctuation is large, whether you can accept such net value fluctuation, that is, to see its historical maximum retracement rate.


product investment: product investment is also important for grasping the net worth product income and trend, product investment is the investment object of financial products, investment in stocks financial products will be more risky than investment in bonds financial products, but the return may also be higher.


handling fees, financial products are handling fees, the most common is the management fee, redemption fees and so on, the product is similar to the case of choosing a lower cost of handling fees is lower.


Investors themselves: do a risk assessment, and then choose different net worth products according to their own investment purpose and risk tolerance.

When buying financial products, the main thing is to see if this financial product is good, and then to see if it is suitable for you, after all, suitable for yourself is the best, you can learn more about financial products on a daily basis.