The Essential Speculate in stocks Trading Secrets

Many retail investors believe that speculation only requires a good grasp of buying and selling points can be profitable, but in fact, we also need to learn a lot of skills on the operation, and of course, the psychological quality of retail investors. For example, the previous year's Speculate in stocks market crash and four days two meltdowns this situation cannot stand, that will not work.

The best trick one: According to the average line to determine the trend. Mainly look at the two groups of averages: Short-term averages (12 days), medium-term averages (30-38 days). Short-term line down, do not buy shares for the time being, the medium-term line down, indicating that it is vulnerable more cannot buy shares, and when the short-term line in the medium-term line up at the same time, which indicates that the trend has formed, is a buying opportunity, ideal for small and medium-sized investors.
Second move. Look at the k-line and choose the right selling point. When the k-line reveals the upper shadow line, at least you can no longer buy, in the next two or three trading days, if the daily closing price is lower than the upper shadow line, you can basically determine a selling point, then do not have illusions, sell in time. Frequent trading in the oscillating market, just to be able to preserve the value and protect themselves.

Top Tip Three. Observe the volume to determine the main force in and out. The mastery of technical aspects is certainly important, but also can not ignore the underlying fundamentals." There is a loss of speculation firmly do not take", Du total firmly reminded investors, "fundamentals are strategic, technical is tactical, want to win will have to combine strategy and tactics." In the speculation ideas, Du total also and the pan, hope to share with the stockholders, "speculation market to make money is not easy, the right way to master more, we can earn more." The first thing to do is to adjust the mindset of stock speculation. The first thing is to adjust the mindset. Choose the right potential on the right speculation to hold patiently, there is nothing more than patiently holding a good stock to make money; at the same time to grasp a dominant idea - the situation is judged to be problematic to run away to make money, to end the profit is not fond of war, but when to run away this is to specifically analyze the selling point. Second, the same city. Small and medium-sized retail investors to follow the trend, follow the main money. Third, is to learn from the stockholders."

Only buy money-making stocks: 8 kinds of stocks that need to be abandoned
1, Learn to give up is certainly the right thing to do. A stock has gone up the channel for several days before it is discovered and recommended by everyone, at which point you should give up the idea that you want to buy it. The reason is that once you start to pull back, good luck adjusting for a week, bad luck adjusting for a month, then your mind will be very confused, cut or keep the position you can no longer calmly judge, a few times down you will collapse.
2, The stock trend is traditionally a sharp pull flag after the flag finishing, good luck is up triangle finishing, bad luck is down triangle finishing. You are trapped for sure. But then the trend is just the opposite, finishing to the end of the triangle, the former tends to break down, the latter tends to break up. The reasoning is simple: Deception. So if you do not pull the flagpole before the first time to intervene in ambush, then you see the flagpole after the first thought is: Give up. Give up at this point is equal to you escaped a disaster.
3, The public opinion concerned about the stock you want to give up. The first is that public opinion is not likely to focus on stocks that are falling (unless they can be shorted), it has no value to talk about; the second is that public opinion is certainly concerned about stocks that are rising well, so that they can promote their own strength (we also have reasons to believe), so retail investors in the public opinion to push the loss of the analysis of this stock, even if there is some doubt also put it down. So we can see that often put a lot of large positive line is surprisingly head, which again proves that the stock market is full of deception.
4. You have to give up on stocks that don't come out of the bottom. Some stocks move like "A river flowing to the east", and any predicted bottom you step in at is not a bottom in hindsight. I think the monthly bottom is very accurate and the 20-month average can be used as a bull/bear dividing line, any stock that moves below it you should give up. If there are stocks that have been listed for less than 20 months, you should also give up if you can't make up your mind. This is what I have repeatedly stressed the importance of the so-called long term stock selection, and is the key reason why we will lose in stock speculation.
5, Mobile chip distribution chart on the chip very scattered stocks you want to give up. The chip dispersion means that the main force absorption is not enough, still will shake, it is easy to fall back, you go in at this time, good luck to participate in the horizontal, bad luck down lock. Even if it is a dark horse, you have long been a mental breakdown cut and run for your life.
6, The volume of technical indicators of bad stocks you want to give up. Some stock graphics seem to have potential, but the volume indicators are very poor, at this time you have to believe that the volume indicators, do not be deceived by the appearance of the stock price. Fantasy stock price without the support of volume and rise, then you are children like fairy tales.
7, The previous substantial speculation of high stocks you have to give up. Even if it is currently back down, you should not touch it. The value of 10 yuan on the left side of the mountain top is different from the value of 10 yuan on the right side of the mountain top, and the value of 10 yuan before shipping and after shipping is different. Every pickup on the right side of the peak is self-defeating.
8. Stocks that you feel have no future growth are to be abandoned. After your comprehensive judgment, this stock growth is not high, and then it began to rise, so you overturned their own ideas and chased in, if it fell again, you will regret the initial impulse. So don't overturn your initial deliberations at any time, otherwise you'll stop thinking about it and it'll be overturned anyway. You also have to give up a lot of things, just like the main force gives up 80% to only speculate on 20% of stocks, so you put all the above points together to select stocks, you will find that you cannot find a few good stocks. This is right, in fact, speculation is like a lottery, most of the things are "Blinders" Needed.
Covering a position is a reactive strategy when you are trapped. It is not a good way to get out of a trap per se, but it is the most appropriate way in certain circumstances. There is no best method in the stock market, only the most appropriate one. If used correctly, it can be a powerful tool to turn defeat into victory; if not, it can be a hotbed of self-inflicted traps.
Therefore, the following points should be noted in the specific application of the technique of covering positions.
One, the early bear market cannot fill positions. This reasoning is understood by people who speculate in stocks, but some investors are unable to distinguish between the bull and bear turning point how to do? There is a very simple way: The stock price does not fall deep resolutely not to fill positions. If the current price of the stock is 5% below the purchase price, you don't need to cover your position, as any intraday shock could unwind your hedge. If the current price is 20% to 30% lower than the purchase price, and even some of the stock price was abruptly cut, you can consider filling the position, the further decline of the market space has been relatively limited.
Second, the market has not stabilized not to fill positions. The market is in the downward channel or the rebound in the relay cannot fill positions, because, the stock index further down will drag most of the stocks together to go downhill, only a very small number of strong stocks against the market can be an exception. The best time to cover positions is when the index is at a relatively low level or when it has just reversed upwards. This is when the potential to rise is huge and the possibility of a fall is minimal, making it safer to fill positions.
Third, weak stocks do not fill. In particular, those of the market up it does not rise, the market down it followed by the fall of the unbanked shares. The reason is that the purpose of filling a position is to make up for the loss of the shares that were set up in front of you with the profits of the shares that were set up later, so you don't have to limit yourself to the original set up. The key is to make up for the maximum profit of the species you are replacing, which is the key consideration. So, to make up for the position to make up for the strong shares, cannot make up for the weak shares.

Fourth, the previous surge in the super dark horse does not fill. There are many unique leaders in history, after a short dazzling light, from then on into the darkness of the long night. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The more you make up for these stocks, the deeper you'll be in the mud.
V. Grasp the timing of filling positions and strive for success at once. You should never fill your positions in sections or by stages. First of all, the average investor has limited capital and cannot afford multiple amortization operations. Secondly, covering a position is a remedy for a previous wrong purchase and should not be a second wrong trade in itself. The so-called cascading of positions is a way of justifying imprudent buying, and the more you cover your positions, the more you will be trapped.