Retail Investors Must Know About Stock Speculation

1, The old saying is always true. "The stock market is risky, investment must be cautious." This is the principle, but often tempted by the high expectations of "A grain of corn in the spring, the autumn harvest of ten thousand tons of grain", resulting in the actual operation in the back of the mind. But there is always truth in the old saying, and it must always be kept in mind.

2, The best speculative funds are earmarked for free money, do not affect the quality of life because of speculation, do not uncontrolled blindly additional, not to mention the misappropriation of money does not belong to their own money to speculate.
3, Do not believe in those gossip, only careful observation, independent thinking, careful judgment, it is possible to set aside the clouds and fog, to save the truth.
4, All the stock market software, all the expert reviews, all the securities analysis, are only for reference. The brain has to grow on its own shoulders.
5, Do not rush to buy stocks, to restrain the impulse to buy, think twice before you act. Prefer to miss the opportunity, but also to avoid being unable to extricate themselves because of the trap.

6, The stock market is like a roller coaster, up when usually very slow, but down when often flying straight down, so buy stocks to have confidence, to learn to cover the shares, the situation is not right when you must act boldly, rush to throw.
7, The stock market like the tide, up more natural to fall, after the big fall will certainly rebound. From the point of view of long-term investment, buy, it is best to be in the stockholders almost all set, mourning the time; sell, it is best to be in the majority of the stockholders profitable, soaring time.
8、Don't be too greedy and think that you can sell your shares when the market reaches its highest point, or that you can successfully go bottom fishing every time, which is just a nice fantasy.
9, Before the stock is not sold, do not be complacent because of the profit shown on the account, these profits you may not really get to the hand, the stock market changes, maybe the market will suddenly fall.
10, Do not take speculation as the focus of life, your family, your work, are more important than stocks. The actual speculation of stocks is actually the speculation of human nature. Keep a good mindset and look at the stock market lightly, the chances of winning are rather greater.