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What are the types of bonds

There are many kinds of bonds, which can be divided into many categories according to different standards

Introductory Stock Basics (Section 3)

This section talks about the sources of stock profits. There are generally two sources of stock profits. One is the dividend received by shareholders when the company distributes earnings, and the other is the price difference between stock buying and selling.

Basic knowledge of stock introduction: the origin of stock

Stocks are now nearly 400 years old. The earliest stock market arose in 1602 when the Dutch and British established overseas trading companies. These companies are established by raising share capital and have obvious characteristics of joint-stock companies; they have legal person status; a board of directors is established; the general meeting of shareholders is the company's highest authority; dividends are distributed according to shares; and a limited liability system is implemented. The successful operation and rapid development of the joint-stock company made more enterprises follow suit.

What is the net value of the fund

The net value of fund units is the net asset value of each fund unit, which is equal to the balance of the total assets of the fund minus the total liabilities divided by the total number of units issued by the fund. The subscription and redemption of open-ended funds are carried out at this price. The transaction price of closed-end funds is the market price that has been confirmed at the time of transaction; In contrast, the unit transaction price of open-ended funds depends on the net asset value of unit funds that are not known at the time of subscription and redemption (but can be calculated after the market closes on the day and announced on the next trading day).

What is fund income distribution

Fund income distribution refers to the distribution of the net income of the Fund to fund holders in proportion to the number of fund units held. If the fund has lost money in the previous year, the current year's income shall be used to make up for the previous year's loss. If there is still any surplus after the fund's loss has been fully made up, the current year's income can be distributed. If the Fund suffers losses in the current year and has no net income, no income distribution shall be made.

Basic knowledge about national debt

National debt, also known as national public debt, is the relationship between the creditor's rights and the debtor's rights formed by the state, based on its credit and according to the general principle of debt, by raising funds from the society.

Three factors affecting bond prices

What are the factors that affect bond prices? Bonds are the third largest financial investment mode besides stocks and futures. They are a more popular form of financial investment. However, investment has risks and there are many factors that affect the changes in bond prices.

What Does a High Stock Turnover Rate Indicate?

A high turnover rate indicates that: the stock has a low lock-up rate.

Retail Investors Must Know About Stock Speculation

The old saying is always true.

The Essential Speculate in stocks Trading Secrets

Many retail investors believe that speculation only requires a good grasp of buying and selling points can be profitable, but in fact, we also need to learn a lot of skills on the operation, and of course, the psychological quality of retail investors.