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What Does a High Stock Turnover Rate Indicate?

A high turnover rate indicates that: the stock has a low lock-up rate.

Retail Investors Must Know About Stock Speculation

The old saying is always true.

The Essential Speculate in stocks Trading Secrets

Many retail investors believe that speculation only requires a good grasp of buying and selling points can be profitable, but in fact, we also need to learn a lot of skills on the operation, and of course, the psychological quality of retail investors.

Volume Characteristics of Dark Horse Stocks

The price rises and the volume increases, the price falls and the volume shrinks are the normal pattern of the general market or the operation of individual stocks.

How To Increase Positions in Stocks

Why should we add positions into the investment instead of opening a position in place at once.

Six Ways to Master Selling Stocks

Recently the market suddenly fell sharply, many of the profits of shareholders in a few days was beaten back to the original place, and some even on the set.

How To Select Stocks by Price and Volume

Only when K-line analysis is combined with volume analysis can we truly read the language of the market and gain insight into the subtleties of stock price changes.

How To Choose Stocks For Retail Investors

The primary retailer, bold, only want to make money, regardless of the risk, relatively speaking, should pay more attention to the selection of shares.

What Is The Bitcoin Concept Stocks? Are Bitcoin Concept Stocks Worth Investing In?

What are Bitcoin Concept Stocks? How will Bitcoin move in 2020? Why the big ups and downs, and what will happen in 2020 when Bitcoin's production is cut? This article will cover the above aspects.