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How to be a thoughtful investor

Today we are going to discuss a question: What are the characteristics and success factors of excellent value investors worth learning from?

How to manage money is suitable for novices. Do you know the seven common ways of managing money?

Novice can choose financial products according to risk, income and duration. Investors with low risk tolerance can choose products with risk level R2 and below, while investors with high risk tolerance can choose products with risk level R3 and above.

Can current financial management and short-term financial management lose money, what risk is there

Current finance generally refers to the financial liquidity is bigger, is generally not close period, in finance, some finance belongs to a current, can be taken at any time, at any time, and some money there is a time limit, such as a month of money, on a regular basis is a close period, need a month to take out, this belongs to the short-term financing, So can you lose money with this kind of management? What are the risks?

What are the methods and tips of family finance?

For families, a reasonable financial management method will maximize the income. Family financial management is conducive to the rational distribution of funds and the correct earning, saving and spending of money. What are the family financial management methods? What are the family financial tips? Xicai Jun has prepared relevant contents for you for reference.

What is Baredo's Law? How should investors grasp it?

Baredo's law (also called 28 laws) is also translated as "Pareto's law" in some places.It was discovered by Italian economist Baredo (Pareto) at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.What does he mean? Let's have a look

How does high transfer stock operate? What are the three periods to focus on

High transfer as a kind of speculation theme, relatively more in the stock market in the bull market stage, because it is more likely to be sought after by investors, and in the bear market stage because investors are relatively not keen on this theme, the situation of high transfer is relatively less. So how does the high transfer stock work?

What does quantitative trading mean? What are the characteristics of quantitative trading?

Quantitative trading refers to a securities investment method that uses modern statistics and mathematical methods and computer technology to conduct trading, which greatly reduces the impact of investor sentiment fluctuations and avoids making irrational investment decisions under extreme fanaticism or pessimism in the market.