The Secrets You Must Know For Stock Market Manipulation (II)

The choice of buying point in the plate

1, Open high to go high, back to the file does not break the opening price when buying (back to the file can hang inside the price to buy), and so on the second wave of high points break through the first wave of high points when adding code to follow up (buy outside the price) or a small amount of grab into (with the price to grab, buy so far), at this time the second wave may be straight on the stop and then back to the file, the third wave on the higher price.
2, Open low go high, remember that it is best to wait for the turn red (from down to up) more than 1/2 up when, on behalf of the main intervention, at this time back to the file more than half will not turn week, if see under not go, that is, you can yesterday's closing price near hanging inside price to buy.

3, The bottom of the formation of a breakthrough neck line pressure, buy. No matter opens high go low or open low go low as long as there is a bottom (w bottom, triple bottom, head and shoulders bottom, round bottom, etc.) formed, when the breakthrough neck line pressure, on behalf of the main resistance until the success of the protection plate, began to pull up, this breakthrough must amount to large do not chase, to be back to its file, the best (mostly) not break the neck line, at this time is the best buy point. Special attention, open low go low, although the bottom of the formation, but after all is weak, the best and so on its breakthrough neck line can also turn red, back to the file when no longer turn black to buy, otherwise, also have cheat money, the possibility of inducing more.
4, Box-shaped trend (open high go flat, open flat go flat, open low go flat) to the breakthrough, follow up. When the stock price trend of the day appears horizontal, it is best to wait and see, and the horizontal high and low price difference is large when you can take high and low into the method, accumulate less into more profit. However, special attention should be paid to the emergence of a huge amount of upward breakthrough box top price, especially when the open high or open flat go flat, and time has been more than 1/2, then you can knock the outside to buy or grab into. There is at least a box up and down price difference to earn. And if it is open low to go flat, in principle, only a weak stop to stabilize the plate, a small amount of intervention to follow up to try to grab the rebound, but do not need a lot of input.
3, The time to sell

Common sell signal analysis as follows.

1, In the high price of three consecutive days of huge amounts of long black on behalf of the market will be more than empty, can first sell the shares held in hand.
2, In the high grade appeared for 3 to 6 consecutive days small red or small black or cross line and the upper shadow line on behalf of the high grade up again chase price will have been insufficient, long plate will fall.
3, In high grade out of the inverted n-shaped stock price trend and inverted w-shaped (w head) of the stock price trend, the market will reverse down.
4, After the share price surge can’t be a new high, although there are two or three ups and downs of the market may fall.
5, After the share price fell below the bottom price support, if the share price fell below the rising trend line for several days, showing that the share price will continue to fall.

6, According to the analysis of the Elliott wave theory, the stock price from the low-grade began to rise sharply, such as the first wave of stock index from 2500 points up to 3000 points, the second wave from 3000 points up to 4000 points, the third wave of the main section of 4000 points straight to 5000 points, the short-term goal has been reached, if to 5000 points after the rise can’t go up, can’t be a new high when you can sell your holdings.
7, The share price after a period of decline, into the consolidation, if the long plate does not rise and fall, you can quickly out of the shares.
8、Shares continue to rise in the high end, when the turnover has reached a sky, representing too much credit expansion should be sold first.
9, Short days moving average down, long days moving average up crossover generally known as the death cross, at this time can be killed out of hand holdings.
10, Long market RSI has reached more than 90 for the overbought market, you can consider selling your holdings. Short market when the RSI reaches 50 or so that should be sold.
11, 30 days deviation and +10 ~ +15, 6 days deviation for +3 +5, representing the rise has been high, you can sell your holdings.
12, The share price of high-grade m-head and three head, and the share price does not rise, the volume of shares can be sold when the first holdings.