Why invest in financial management

"Why buy stocks?" Before answering this question, you have to answer another question: "Why invest in wealth management?" The so-called life is to find a good job, work hard to make money, reduce unnecessary expenses, and then the prince and princess can live a happy life? Why bother with financial management—Because only by learning to manage money wisely can we help us create a better life.


1、 Fight against inflation

Many people who do not want to worry about financial management always think that it is better to put money aside. There is a fixed interest rate every year, and they do not have to worry about financial management. Why not? In fact, this idea is really wrong.

Because the annual inflation rate will reduce the "real purchasing power" of money. When the annual inflation rate is higher than the fixed deposit rate, it means that the value of money has shrunk. You may wonder: does this phenomenon really happen often?

Yes, the probability is high. In particular, in 2001, the global interest rate was cut, with interest rates getting lower and lower, but prices rising. So, don't think it's OK to put money in the bank again! Persistent inflation will reduce your wealth day by day. After a period of time, you may have changed from rich to poor!

2、 Smart accumulation of wealth

In addition to the negative fight against inflation, financial management can also actively help the salaried aquarium to create wealth. Financial management is to know how to make money, so that the speed of accumulating wealth will be far more effective than relying on a small monthly salary to save time.

Buffett, the world's second richest man, has always been famous for his simple personal style, and his house is no exception. He bought it in Omaha, Nebraska, for $31500 in 1958. A friend of his said that his wife Susie recently spent 15000 dollars to decorate the house. Buffett complained: "This money is used to compound interest. Do you know how much money will be in 20 years?"

Buffett's wealth, of course, is not only earned by saving, but the key is his superb skills in playing the savings game, which can make wealth become a tower.

3、 Is it really so difficult to manage money?

There are so many financial tools that investors can actually choose the most convenient one for themselves to use. For example, for those who have no time for financial management, at least select a securities firm or fund and ask a professional consultant to help. Even if investing in stocks, those who are too lazy to enter or leave the stock market can also choose to be held by outstanding stock managers.

In a word, financial management techniques should be matched with people's personality. Lazy people definitely have lazy people investment laws, but at least everyone must first understand their financial goals and risk bearing capacity, so that they can control their financial situation.

Any investment instrument has its risks and rewards. Of course, the higher the rate of return, the higher the risk. As for the fixed deposit, which is the favorite of ordinary conservative investors, the annual return rate of fixed deposit is about 5% or less, but there is little risk. As for futures and real estate, they are investment tools with high returns and high risks.