Introductory Stock Investment: Retail Investors Follow The Main Force Of The Key

The market main force operating stocks are generally based on the following laws.
1, The state of market popularity to determine the rejection of the rise and fall of share prices
2, The change in supply and demand is the basis for the change in share price
3, The operation of the stock price must be flexible, not just long or short
4, Must have the ability to control the chips
5, The operation must be rational, the psychological understanding of retail investors must be thorough
Market forces operating share prices is not an easy task, because the funds are large, and need to consider the mindset of the retail investors, the general trend of the direction, etc.. The retailer's actions are much more flexible than the main force, which creates the conditions for the retailer to make money. The best stock selection strategy for the retailer is to choose those stocks that have just started to pull up from the main absorption, and then sell before or just before the main shipment. To do this, attention must be paid to the strategy of following the main force.

Retailers capture the main force whereabouts of no more than two methods, one is from the volume analysis, from the trend to see the main force intentions. To do this, you must strengthen the exercise of watching the plate, a comprehensive grasp of various technical analysis methods. On how to see the dealer's actions from the surface, said a very rich topic, but in any case, the retailer should first master the basic technical analysis methods, based on this, and then practice some sets, these sets can be the main dealer manipulation of the common techniques, such as washing, pulling up, etc. The practice is not invincible, and should then be impacted to a higher realm. Sometimes you will be confused by the dealer's gimmick trap, or, you know that the feat in the washout, but still because of fear and throw out the stock, this is the problem you face is no longer technical, but psychological problems, the key is not enough merit, confidence is not enough. This is when even if you have mastered the fist and legs, you are still no match for the simple tricks of a fierce dealer. This is when you face the second realm of victory over the dealer: How to strengthen their own internal cultivation.
Another way for retail investors to capture the whereabouts of the main force is to see the main force's true intentions from the various market atmospheres created by the main force, that is, from the market atmosphere and the contrast between the actual trend of the banker's shares to find the problem. In the main absorption of goods, there will often be negative news out, if you see the stock commentators singing short, but the stock trend clearly shows the traces of the banker absorption, then there is no doubt about it? In the main shipping time, often the day a variety of stock reviews will launch the stock, it seems to have to buy today in order to be willing. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.
The retailer should usually strengthen the basic analysis of individual stocks and speculative themes, so as to find out the individual stocks that can be intervened by the main force. In addition to paying attention to the various reports of listed companies, the group: 59379891 more attention to the chip to the analysis, tracking the plate floating code how much. If you find that the floating code is decreasing, you should pay close attention to it.
The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things. The best and safest strategy is for retail investors to follow the main force and choose the ideal bottom to step in. After all, the stock price to rise, must have a sound and complete bottom graphics, chip security is high, the future resistance to rise will be small. It is difficult for a stock with a poor bottom structure to perform well. Investing in a complete bottom graph should never be ignored, let alone its power. Mocking or mistrusting the perfect graph is tantamount to working against the market, and operating against the market is going to be hard hit.
Almost all solid bottoms, at its low point or platform area will appear a dramatic reduction in volume, this phenomenon indicates that the selling pressure has been exhausted, the holders are no longer willing to kill the low. If thereafter, the volume is then enlarged all the way up, and the share price closed up, it means that there is a new force involved, the main force into the field to do more intentions, investors can boldly follow up, profits will be far greater than the risk.
In general, retail investors operate a few major points of the stock is.
1, Judge the general trend
2,Select good stocks
3, Constantly changing stocks to cope with the rotation of speculation
Among them, judging the general trend is not difficult, stock selection is an important key to win, and cope with the rotation of speculation is a good way to make their capital quickly expand. But choose the right stock does not necessarily make money, if investors only know when to buy and do not know when to sell, will be the same as most people, see the stock rose, and watched it fall back, all the profits are like a passing smoke, a waste of time. Holding on to a stock for a long time may not be a smart way to operate, and it is simply impossible to make money if you are holding on to a hopeless stock for dear life.

When the main trend of the market changes, investors must perceive this change and must not ignore it and be blindly optimistic and hold on to the stock for dear life. The operation of the main force also has a sense of stage and rhythm, once the goal is reached. Therefore, retail investors following the main force must clearly judge the timing of the main force shipments, which is the final guarantee of victory.
In the stock market to quickly earn a lot of money will have to track keep an eye on the main force, up should be heavy potential, without having to consider its performance how, the stock is not fixed, high can be higher, low can also be low. The only difference between the stock price and the price of the stock is up and down. This is the basic common sense of stock operation, can’t think that junk stocks will not become a dark horse. In fact, the performance of a stock is not static. A junk stock can become a top performer because of improved operations, and a top performer can become a junk stock because of failed operations. Anything can happen, and stocks are speculated on tomorrow, not today.