Soros' Investment Secret Number Twelve

Soros has said that risk is vital to him, that it drives his adrenaline rush and that danger gives him a boost. It is not that he likes danger, but that he needs a sense of total commitment to the markets. The high-risk financial markets appealed to him, and made him the investment guru of his generation.

Soros is known as a classic adventurer, the king of leverage, in the high-risk market operations, he had great success, but also suffered heavy failure, but in the end he did not become a hasty passer-by and success, in addition to his sharp vision, rational analysis, high opportunity to grasp the ability, but more importantly, as an investor's sense of self-protection and the ability to protect themselves. The ability to protect himself is one of the sacred laws he upholds and is a vital guarantee of his success.

The desire to survive tells him that there is no blame for taking risks, but at the same time it is important to remember not to risk everything. Soros never played the tightrope game, so the most important judgement he made when making investment decisions was how much risk he should take while still keeping himself safe, and when things didn't work out and his predictions failed, he would rather close out his positions too early than stop out too late. This is typical of Soros, abandoning battles in time to live to fight the next one.

The explorer who was able to cross the lobos, known as the forbidden zone of life, must also have prepared meticulously, and even then, may have ended up relying on the instinctive instinct to survive. The greatest adventurers often appear wild and uninhibited, but in reality, they are the most cautious of men. For they must remain in the game. It is important to have the courage to take risks, but it is also important to leave room for a comeback.