Must know stock market bottom characteristics (version 2)

1, After a long decline in the horizontal, a slight rebound, bringing a little hope, and suddenly broken, we began to more pessimistic panic. In the business department is manifested as: Personnel panic, call to consult incoherent, the scene customers extremely complained.
2, The new shares began to continue to fall below the issue price, the new shares listed on the first day of closing up very low, some in a short time after the issue price, or began to have the share price fell below the net asset value of individual shares.

3, The plate hot plate began to appear.
4, The previous resistance to the various shares and plate began to make up for the decline.
5, The management's attitude began to gradually turn warm, the policy side began to appear a small turnaround. The media began to discuss the reduction of transaction costs tax and other related topics, but most people turned a deaf ear.
6, The early bearish institutions began to be pessimistic and began to actually short. The long side started to be pessimistic and bearish from the pre-long side, and analysts who had been long or in the media mainstream advisory bodies started to be pessimistic and bearish on the outlook.
7, Shareholder retail investors to large and medium-sized households are substantial losses, suddenly one day a general plunge, the shareholder began to increase the amount of losses; most of the shareholders have been losing a long time and a lot of losses, even some experienced analysts began to be pessimistic.
8, The market in sensitive time windows or calendar days used to plunge, the inertia will continue.
9, A big fall after another big fall, key resistance and important psychological level broke one after another, falling down. The previous release of each stock and fell below the previous platform, public opinion is overwhelmingly bearish, the macro and policy good become numb, bearish thinking is extremely serious.
10, The market fell towards the end, the plate linkage pulse release and rotation phenomenon intensified, but the broad market index fluctuation range is not large.
11, The market is a dirge, the decline has intensified, all people have been disappointed and lost a sense of direction. The crowd is looking forward to it, the market needs a reversal opportunity. Often at this time, the policy side will inadvertently appear some new initiatives or all kinds of innovative topics.

12, Fund discounting is widespread, especially in the mainstream of the market. The operating philosophy of the fund is generally questioned and the mainstream fund seems to have lost its sense of direction.
13, The market adverse rumors increased, the market from the negative fall into a sharp fall, or there are batches of individual stocks or plates collective sharp down rub or collective fall.
14, New fund issuance setback, offering began to be uneven, difficult, new fund issuance publicity from the media to market segments, such as into the community and other previously unappreciated issuance area.
15, The index fell below the "Policy bottom", brokerage firms generally lost money, business crisis, reports about the difficulties and crisis of brokerage firms are incessant, the media published on the topic of reforming brokerage firms in development gradually increased.