Capturing Important Information About The Market From The Cards Played By The Majors

1, The main force and policy of the game.
(1) the main force of the operation means what problem: This column in the early stressed that this year the main force has been the usual technique is to reverse black and white and refers to the stag as a horse, that is, the short into good, the good into short; but since last week the main force of the operation is very abnormal, is the positive operation; and today the main force has resumed the previous technique, reverse operation, which has what mystery? We analyze a fortnight ago, the background of the main force positive operation, will find that in the first two weeks of the market is basically no bad news, everywhere full of management to the market of the sound of pampering and a variety of good sound, in this context, the main force completely uses to carry out positive operation, which is very normal.

And today in the market unanimously bullish time, the main force suddenly kills a shot back, this reverse operation instead of normal, then we from the main force suddenly change operation method can get what inspiration? That is that the sky is about to change. The main force has foreseen the coming taste of blood, so suddenly the operation practice changed to normal. So what makes the main force alerted to the general market? This column yesterday listed three expectations: The policy expectations of the sixth plenary session; the accelerated expansion expectations of the small and medium-sized sector and the accelerated listing expectations of ICBC. In addition to this, there is the acceleration of domestic index futures implementation is expected, so many off-site variables, the main force becomes cautious is very normal, in addition Zhou Xiao-Chuang is still waiting for a sudden interest rate increase to the sec off-site, so the main force reverse operation is good.
(2) The reverse operation of the main force reveals where the dragon veins are: The so-called dragon veins are the leading varieties that guide the market to attack the camp and take the fortress. The current market is more controversial is one of finance, non-ferrous, real estate and new energy. As the leading varieties, first must be the main force highly involved, after the chips are basically collected, began to force pull up or stage line pull up, are a leading variety of the image, so we put the new energy class excluded, because this plate has neutral policy support, the main force is still in the collection stage. Colored in yesterday is completely cover the real main conversion hotspot, so the colored out, financial plate giant has a leading character, but in the active degree and capital recognition is not high, the main force will not be substantial speculation, which will bring difficulties for the later shipments, real estate stocks at present due to the policy of suppression, and the fundamentals and good, thus having the most imaginary plate, the appreciation of the yuan and policy the divergence of the direction of the policy will not last long, like a horse pulled hard by the master, once the master let go, the real estate horse will be crazy. The plate because of the scarce resources, the Olympic games is expected, the expected appreciation of the yuan, has been the upcoming six plenary session of the urban and rural areas of the commercialization of the expected, and the current small and medium-sized retail investors dare not start a good environment, there is every reason to believe that this plate will be the main force of the main fight.

2, The main force capital game.
The main force today's operation is the normal method, that is, the use of the opposite theory to operate, in the market as a whole is expected to be optimistic when out of the negative, which is diametrically opposed to the first two weeks of the operation, indicating an important issue, that is, the main force has become relatively cautious about the expectations of the market. Today's gaming behavior is summarized as a game between Sinopec’s privatization and integration and the long side of the market. Sinopec's high opening low has Sinopec integration stock dive, is the state capital deliberately arranged behavior, lead to the overall Sinopec integration stock dive, but also out of the state capital to save acquisition costs ploy. And Sinopec behavior just by the field main force with the help of a large washout. Today's game is very normal, when the market is lopsided there will be the opposite side.