Must-Know Principles Of Stock Market Manipulation

Short position principle.
1. When the market goes bad, into the downward channel, never operate against the trend, the trend does not change before, not by the temptation of the plate, resolutely implement the short position, when the general market form to go well, when to enter, not guess the bottom, not betting strategy.
2. When feel that the market is more and more difficult to make money, the opportunity is less and less, we must short positions, never stay in the market; many investors are because of a year full of positions to operate, and too subjective confidence in some of the stocks they bought, so the deeper the set in a falling market, which is not known how to short positions away from the control of risk often make mistakes. Therefore, when the software indicator issued a sell signal, we should know how to break the arm to cut off the field, to know that as long as there is money in hand when there are opportunities.

Market entry principles.
The broader market out of the downward channel, the shares generally stop falling, the broader k-line pattern has come out of a good pattern, you can consider entering the market. Combined with the plate capital flow into the situation, the large capital flow into the large plate to focus on tracking. Some of the first to stop falling varieties in the broader market into the self-chosen stock tracking.
Stock selection principles.
1. Choose the 30-day line up the stock, the share price stands on the moving cost line and 30-day, 200-day line on the leading varieties.
2. Mobile chips must be normally distributed, rocket launch shape, the narrower the distribution the better (chip concentration), to be in the bottom position dense is the most ideal state, the existence of chip distribution ideal stocks to find the plate, and determine the leading varieties.
3. 5 day average volume up through the 40 day average volume.
Buying principles.
1. Observation of selected stocks, when the share price breaks through the standard pattern threshold, the volume ratio is greater than 1.5 or more, start to build a position.
2. Unless it is a leading plate start (within two days), you can catch up in the early morning, otherwise all buy stocks after 2:30 pm.
3. Buy the stock is 3 days line with volume up angle greater than 60 degrees of individual shares, and has a leading effect.
Holding principle.
As long as the stock held in normal form, the dry signal has not seen the top must be held.
Selling principles.
1. When the general market top characteristics is the leading sector stocks topping time, to sell stocks.
2. The stock movement pattern becomes bad when the broken level should be sold.
3. Is not fully adjusted bottom, the rising process of the release of the sky to reduce positions.
4. As the stock price rises, set a moving stop loss (10% drop in the current price), once the drop below the warning line must be sold.
Stop loss principles.
1. Any buying action must set a stop loss point, set at 10%-15% of the buying point.
2. In accordance with the breakout standard pattern critical point to buy shares, if the share price does not appear to rise as expected, but falls, belongs to the false breakout, must stop loss out.

Position control.
1. At no time should you ever buy a full position for the first time, otherwise you will lose a lot of money if you make a mistake in judgment, and you should not take more than 20% of your position for the first time (including multiple stocks).
2. Select 3 to 5 stocks from the pool of stocks that you are optimistic about at the same time and try to open a position.
3. In accordance with the principle of eliminating the weak and keeping the strong, add positions on stocks bought right and eliminate those that are not right, so that in the end no more than 2 stocks are actually repositioned.
4. Adding positions can only be done once a day to prevent immediate full positions, and full positions can only be added under a consistently profitable adding action.
5, Be clear about your temperament and personality, 91 stock gods think that in the complex stock market to choose the right style of operation, for medium-term or short-term operations. As long as the stock market in the continuous practical battle of their own gains and losses constantly summarize learning, in order to become the ultimate stock market winners in the stock market.