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What Are the Characteristics of Speculative Trading in Futures Indices?

In a broad sense, any risk-taking behavior for profit can be called speculation; in a narrower sense, speculation refers to risky investment behavior that takes advantage of fluctuations in the price of commodities or financial assets in the market.

International Business of Commercial Banking

International trade and non-trade transactions that occur as a result of claims and debts are received and paid in currency and settled under certain forms and conditions, thus giving rise to the international settlement business.

Discuss The Difference Between P/E Ratio And P/N Ratio

The calculation of P/E ratio is: P/E ratio = market price of a stock / net assets per share.

What Does a High Stock Turnover Rate Indicate?

A high turnover rate indicates that: the stock has a low lock-up rate.

Retail Investors Must Know About Stock Speculation

The old saying is always true.

The Essential Speculate in stocks Trading Secrets

Many retail investors believe that speculation only requires a good grasp of buying and selling points can be profitable, but in fact, we also need to learn a lot of skills on the operation, and of course, the psychological quality of retail investors.

What Is Gold Margin Trading

In the current world of gold trading, there are both gold futures margin trading and gold spot margin trading.

What Is London Gold?

When it comes to gold, the media often talks about 'London Gold'. In short, it is 400 ounces of 99.5% pure gold bricks stored in the underground vaults of the City of London.

Volume Characteristics of Dark Horse Stocks

The price rises and the volume increases, the price falls and the volume shrinks are the normal pattern of the general market or the operation of individual stocks.

The Impact Of Monetary Policy On The Stock Market

Monetary policy is also an important part of the country's macroeconomic policy, which also serves to promote stable economic development.