Types Of International Spot Silver

In the investment world, silver investment is also gradually coming into the view of investors due to the lower threshold of international spot silver investment than gold. The international spot silver investment market can be classified in different ways according to its nature, role, type and mode of transaction, degree of transaction control and form of delivery, etc. Today, we will introduce to you how to classify international spot silver?

1, According to its nature and the degree of influence on the entire world silver trading, can be divided into dominant markets and regional markets
(1) Dominant market. It is the market whose price formation and trading volume changes play a dominant role for other bullion. The main markets of this type are London, New York, Zurich, Chicago, Hong Kong, etc.
(2) Regional markets. Mainly refers to the trading scale is limited, and most of the concentration in the region and the impact on the whole world market is not very large market. Such investment markets are mainly Paris, Frankfurt, Brussels, Luxembourg, Singapore, Tokyo, etc.

2, According to the type of transaction and different trading methods, can be divided into silver spot trading and silver futures trading
(1) Silver spot trading is a form of trading in which both parties to a transaction take delivery within two business days of the transaction.
(2) Silver futures trading is a form of trading in which both parties to a transaction take delivery at a future time in accordance with the contract signed. A European-type market in which transactions are conducted by telephone contact between peers.

3, According to the degree of management of silver trading, it can be divided into a free trading market and a restricted trading market
(1) Free trading market. It is a silver investment market where international spot silver can be freely exported and bought and sold by residents and non-residents alike, such as Zurich.
(2) Restricted trading market. This can be divided into two types: one is a silver market in which the export of international silver is generally regulated and only non-residents are allowed to trade freely, while residents are not allowed to trade freely.