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What Is a Stock Index and What Does It Do?

A stock index is an index of stock prices. It is an indicative figure compiled by a stock exchange or financial services institution to show the movement of the stock market.

Stock Index Futures Trading Strategies - Speculative Trading

Speculation is the act of buying and selling to take advantage of market spreads to make a profit based on a judgement of the market.

A Brief History Of Bitcoin's Leading Index

Bitcoin, the "granddaddy" of the world's cryptocurrencies, was launched to the public in 2009 by a developer or group of developers known anonymously as Satoshi Nakamoto.

What is stock index futures

The full name of stock index futures is stock price index futures, which can also be called stock price index futures and futures index. It refers to the standardized futures contract with stock price index as the subject matter. Both parties agree that the target index can be bought and sold according to the size of the stock price index determined in advance on a specific date in the future. As a type of futures trading, stock index futures trading and general commodity futures trading have basically the same characteristics and processes.