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International Business of Commercial Banking

International trade and non-trade transactions that occur as a result of claims and debts are received and paid in currency and settled under certain forms and conditions, thus giving rise to the international settlement business.

Bank Lending Business

The most important asset business of commercial banks

About The European Central Bank

The European Central Bank is responsible for monetary policy in the 13 countries of the Eurozone and is one of the most important central banks in the world.

Introduction to basic banking business

Basic banking businesses generally include savings, loans, bank cards, electronic banking and bank financial products

Characteristics of Business Model Transformation of International Mainstream Commercial Banks

Since the late 1980s, in an increasingly stimulating international competitive environment, large mainstream international banks have consolidated their core businesses through targeted divestiture, outsourcing of non core businesses, and continuous expansion and mergers and acquisitions. Their business strategic positioning has changed from extensive all-round and diversified expansion to selective development of core businesses.

Introduction to liability business of commercial banks

Debt is a monetary debt that a bank is trusted to assume and will be paid by assets or capital. Deposits and derivative deposits are the main liabilities of banks, accounting for more than 80% of the source of funds. In addition, inter-bank deposits, interbank deposits, borrowed or borrowed money or issued bonds also constitute liabilities of banks.