What Is Currency Reform?

What is cryptocurrency reform? It is the point on the chain, the traditional Internet project points, thrown into the blockchain field, can be traded. This description may not be understood by most people, but those who have played with capital markets, split markets, mutual aid markets and so on, will be able to understand that such investment projects, which used to be in the name of Internet investment, have recently seen the blockchain market as profitable and have also started to start playing with the blockchain name to solicit fraud, not really having blockchain technology, nor really ICO.

The coin reform may come to mind as a pyramidal coin, and the representative of pyramidal coins is MBI's Wacker Gold. If the tokens established under the funding board, split board, or mutual aid board are easy to identify as pyramidal coins, but some coin reform projects use the system of funding board, split board, or mutual aid board to issue coins and explain the goals of ICO, and even have their white paper, but of course this white paper is all in a simple PPT file. Veterans can tell at a glance that it is a fake blockchain project, but novices are hard to identify, especially those who have not really checked the information in the cryptocurrency circle, and will be dazzled by the high profits because of the smallpox sharing of the introducer, and therefore get cheated.

Don't underestimate coin reform projects, they really do look like it. Some tokens also have the chance to be listed on exchanges, but of course the exchanges are all small, most of them are unheard of exchanges, and some of them are even just OTC exchanges, where buyers and sellers trade through pending sales, but the coins are not on the exchange, but on the original platform, which looks like it is on the exchange, but in fact it is still exchanged within the project's platform The money is exchanged within the project's platform, but the money is collected from the exchange. Some newbies are not very clear about this and therefore invest large sums of money and lose their money.

The things that the currency reform will definitely do.
1, Translate the rules of distributing
2, manage the security of the points by stating it as an open blockchain ledger.
3, maintain the points and trading and storage, stated as buying and selling for cash on the exchange.

Having shared this, if you find a project you suspect resembles the one described above, don't doubt it, it's not a real ICO project, lose it! Cut off the person who shared it with you! When you see how complex the white papers for Ether and Ripple are, would you still believe that the token value of a few PPT presentations of the project has a chance of surpassing the value of Bitcoin and Ether?

There is no way the value of the project of cryptocurrency reform can surpass bitcoin and Ethereum
The technology of blockchain is definitely not something that a classic internet company can handle by hiring a few random people with one or two years of experience in blockchain. The founder of Quantum Chain (Qtum), Shuai Chu, started researching cryptocurrency and the underlying technology when he was a PhD student in 2012, and only then did Quantum Chain (Qtum) reach its current scale.

So much is shared, the most important point is that it is impossible to engage in the tokens under the capital board, split board and mutual aid board to surpass bitcoin and Ethereum.