How does high transfer stock operate? What are the three periods to focus on

High transfer as a kind of speculation theme, relatively more in the stock market in the bull market stage, because it is more likely to be sought after by investors, and in the bear market stage because investors are relatively not keen on this theme, the situation of high transfer is relatively less. So how does the high transfer stock work?

 The following three periods must be paid attention to in the process of transferring stocks

  1. During the right grabbing period, after the listed company issued the notice of share transfer of the resolution of the board of directors and the shareholders' meeting, it is called the right holding period when it has not been formally implemented. A large amount of capital will continue to pour in, pushing up the share price,
  2. During the right filling period, after the share capital of the listed company has undergone a large proportion of share transfer, the company's performance will also grow rapidly, keeping pace with or exceeding the expansion of the share capital, so that the market price of the transaction will be higher than the ex right price, thus obtaining the market price difference after the share transfer.
  3. During the vesting period, after the stock has experienced high transfer, because the performance and equity expansion can not grow synchronously, or because the trading market price is lower than the ex option price to meet the demand of large shareholders for higher cash, resulting in floating losses.


Conditions for stock selection

  1. See whether the industry to which the stock belongs is in the rising period.
  2. What is the amount of funds recently issued or raised.
  3. Whether the net assets per share will be high, the best thing is to be more than 2 yuan.
  4. What is the undistributed profit per share? The minimum should be more than 1 yuan.
  5. How much is the capital reserve per share? It is better to have more, at least more than 1 yuan.


 Clarify the motivation of high transmission

  1. It has a positive impact on the company's share price.
  2. Increase the liquidity of the company's stock market.
  3. To pave the way for the company's next financing.
  4. For the benefit of major shareholders.

The operation know-how of the stock transfer from high dividend to high dividend is that retail investors can dance with the banker, but they will not be tempted by the interests, and at the same time, they should avoid the losses caused by the ups and downs of the stock price.